mental health

Let's face it: it is quite a task to always feel mentally good. Whether you get anxiety from social media, are haunted by imposter syndrome at work, being a mom is hard on you or that winter slump just won't go away: let's talk about it because you are not alone.  


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  • Getting started: this is how you take CBD Drops
  • Microdosing with truffles & CBD: my experience
    CBD oil and microdosing with truffles: LIFE or once and never again? Let's find out.. By Shinta Lempers Truffles and CBD have a lot in common. Both are natural, medicinal and 100% legal. Most people microdose for mental health reasons such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, addiction or chronic pain. Another common reason why…
  • Herbal Mood Mixes Tutorials
    PUFF Herbal smoking has always been deeply woven into cultures around the world as a way of connecting plants, their medicinal properties and our breath. Experience how the herbs calm your mind and feel completely present in the moment. PS: You don't necessarily have to smoke over the lungs to…
  • Why you shouldn't use synthetic products down there
    You also have flora there, and you don't want to disturb it. Many of us have been using tampons since our teens, and often we've walked around with bleached varieties for years. 1 in 10 women has endometriosis and others suffer from other complaints such as pain, dryness or inflammation. Wrong lotIf you have a complaint down there …
  • Cannabis & sleep: how do CBD and THC help with sleeping problems?
    Once you've fallen asleep, CBD will help you stay asleep. CBD stabilizes your sleep pattern and helps to reduce sleepiness the next day, during the day you are more alert and you suffer less from anxiety.
  • Is CBD the same as weed?
    Do you still find CBD a bit scary or do you not really know what the difference is between CBD and the weed that you can get at the coffee shop? we got you.