Who We Are

Heal Mary is a Dutch woman-owned small business.

Fascinated by the special synergy between female biology and cannabis, this CBD wellness brand was born at the beginning of 2020.

Through self-care, conversations and stories, we want to help normalize cannabis for women and femmes, and reintroduce the plant knowledge of our ancestors. 

A lot is expected of a woman's body (sex), while it has to endure a lot in a human life. For centuries we have been using plants such as hemp for physical and emotional complaints, from PMS to mood swings
and even during childbirth. We have cannabis receptors everywhere, including in the vagina, fallopian tubes, vulva and uterus.

The Founder

I had seen from a young age how distructive mental health problems can be. Yet it was only much later that I immersed myself in the ancient and new methods for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I rediscovered cannabis, and it helped me get rid of my chronic tension headaches and stress, while it made me very creative at the same time.

The lack of representation of women in cannabis culture and products for our bodies led me to create my own brand, which is also a platform where a new cannabis culture is celebrated.

My background: at the age of 21 I was a Master in Dutch Criminal Law. After that I followed a 2nd bachelor, to eventually work as a (music) editor and writer for twelve years. I have been sharing stories about spirituality / self-healing on my platform Mudra Mamis for years. Later I took 'Cannalogy' classes for a while. At the beginning of 2020 I started Heal Mary, with a daughter in the baby carrier and shortly after that one in the belly.

Cannabis equity with the Floret Coalition

Mary-Jane and we go way back. Unfortunately, in the past 80 years a lot has happened, and it has given her a bad name.

Thanks to activists, ganjapreneurs, scientists, artists and
mindful consumers this is changing. (re)discovering people
the healing power of the plant. Yet there are still many people
mainly from the Black and Latinx communities stuck for nonviolent

drug offenses. That's all the more painful, because the wisdom of those communities is the foundation of the cannabis industry.

Floret Coalition
We are proud to be a member of Floret, an anti-racist collective of 130+ CBD and cannabis small businesses. Together we donate to organizations every month
who stand up for BIPOC communities, as the
War on Drugs has left the deepest scars there.