Microdosing with truffles & CBD: my experience

CBD oil and microdosing with truffles: LIFE or once and never again?

Let's find out..

Through Shinta Lempers 

Truffles and CBD have a lot in common. Both are natural, medicinal and 100% legal. Most people microdose for mental health reasons such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, addiction or chronic pain. Another common reason people microdose is for increased creativity and focus. For example, many people experience that they make new connections through microdosing. It also reduces the noise in the head for them and even enables a 'flow state', where they are so absorbed in an activity that they no longer have any sense of time. CBD is also widely used for anxiety, stress, chronic pain, lack of focus and creativity, but also to balance the immune system and reduce inflammation. Recently, more and more women in the West are microdosing to deal with PMS and PMDD; discomforts that CBD can also help very well with.

When Eva from Return to the Sun approached me to collaborate, I was immediately enthusiastic. However, I first wanted to experience for a while what it is like to microdose in combination with CBD. Spoiler: my life was completely turned upside down. Read on if you're curious about my experience of microdosing for two months.

Microdosing psychedelics is not a new practice. Humans have been taking microdoses ever since mankind consumed mushrooms. However, the term first appears in the book The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide by researcher James Fadiman, which will be published in 2011. Since then it has become a cultural phenomenon. Unlike a whole dose, a microdose should produce hardly noticeable effects. So it won't make you hallucinate.

Chronic stress

I suffer from chronic stress. The constant feeling of feeling rushed, tension in my body and shallow breathing. I feel it in my jaws that are always tense, my back that I carry like a backpack full of stones and in my dry mouth. I also have a busy head.

CBD helps, I literally feel more calm in my body when I take the drops, but I believe in a holistic approach to health and therefore I am always open to different methods. In addition, the causes of my stress lie very deep, which requires heavy work. Pattern change, if you will.

Breaking patterns on a deep subconscious level is therefore my goal when I start with the course of Sclerotia truffles, which are packed in portions of 100 mg in boxes that are too beautiful to throw away. A small scale is also included with my order. As a notorious plant medicine lover, I obviously already have one at home, but I really like that Return to the Sun adds one. This way you don't have to go into a shady smart shop to buy one.

The first week
Eva advises me to take the truffles every other day, starting with a low dose (50 mg), and then
always increasing the dose slightly, so that I find my sweet spot. Actually exactly what beginners recommend with CBD. I read her advice too late, at that moment I'm already staring at the first empty square.

I don't panic, because I have had large portions of truffles many times (10-15 grams - a micro dose is 1/20 to 1/10 of a whole dose). I notice after half an hour that I feel a bit vague and my stomach feels a bit unruly. The following days I lower the dose slightly to 75 mg. This turns out to be my sweet spot, but after a few weeks I also feel great with a whole box of 100 mg, so I stick to that. I take both the truffles and the CBD on an intuitive (sloppy) schedule. Sometimes I forget to take the truffles, then again I take them two days in a row.

Noticeable effects
Immediately the first days I noticed a difference in my state of mind. I felt calmer, less rushed. Another very subtle effect is that I get more clear insights in my work. Things that seemed difficult and heavy, or for which I didn't see a solution for a while, suddenly become more manageable. I notice that at home too. I'm going declutter and I find creative solutions for cluttered corners and drawers, where before I just really didn't see what needed to be done.

Laws and science
The truffle is the sister of the mushroom. Truffles grow underground, magic mushrooms above the ground. Magic mushrooms and truffles are both parts of fungi that contain the substance psilocybin or psilocin. Entirely in line with our illogical weed regulations, magic mushrooms are illegal in the Netherlands, and truffles are legal.

On the platform doubleblindmag.com contains a huge amount of science-backed, rigorously fact-checked information from experts and independent journalists. Psilocybin can offer a safe and pleasant alternative because, like pharmaceutical drugs, it interacts with the serotonin system. Psilocybin binds to the serotonin receptors giving a boost in your brain. The result: a more stable, better mood, more stamina, improved sleep and overall feeling of the soft-life libie.

The subtle effect can be noticeable within thirty minutes and does not require a strict daily schedule or adjustment period like antidepressants. It is also not physically addictive and there are practically no known unpleasant side effects. CBD and cannabis also interact with serotonin receptors. In addition, CBD affects our endocannabinoid system, a gigantic body's own system that was only discovered in the 90s and determines our mood, sleep, appetite and much more. Western science does not focus on this system, but on neurotransmitters and medicines that stimulate or suppress these substances. CBD never attacks one neurotransmitter, but harmonizes the whole. This ensures that you do not experience any side effects.



Little miss ALL THE FEELS
Over time, the effects become less noticeable on the surface, but a lot is happening underground in the meantime. That becomes clear after about a month of microdosing. I started the truffle therapy because of stress, but over time I notice enormous changes emotionally. Here's the thing: I've always been a huge control freak. Partly unconsciously I have a huge wall around me, with which I defend myself against rejection. That's why I also have trouble saying sorry in my relationship: saying sorry means that I'm not perfect, and that means loss of control and confirmation that I'm worthless / not good enough. This also determines what kind of mother I am: impatient, less soft than I would like to be, someone who always wants to be in control.

I always saw these mechanisms, but mainly on a rational level. I attribute it entirely to the psilocybin that I have recently better recognized and, importantly: can feel through my patterns and coping mechanisms. This process is overwhelming and unknown to me. I literally experience that I 'break open', and I am becoming more and more vulnerable. I reflected, cried, wrote, felt and talked a lot in October. That wall that even I couldn't get through is crumbling. Physically, the most striking thing is that since those breakthroughs I suddenly feel a lot more in my stomach. It is as if I had successfully held control there for decades and now this was coming loose. Knots in my stomach, because they can be there now.

Of course it is impossible to determine to what extent the truffles actually played a role in my mood swings. We will never know, but the fact that my experience rhymes with that of countless truffle users without my knowledge, says something.

Microdosing can indeed ensure that you get more in touch with your emotions. DoubleBlind magazine writes that many people report that microdosing can magnify emotions and presence in the moment and increase the feelings associated with it, both positive and negative. Microdosing is often compared to cannabis in this context. both can be different for everyone, both can be lifesavers or scare mongers. It depends enormously on one's mindset and the setting. To me, it feels like I'm "better with my feelings."

Microdosing mom

The number one reason women worldwide microdose is for their mental health. They take the truffles to get out of their postpartum depression, or to deal with mental load, emotional triggers, trauma, hormonal complaints and stress.

The cure has set a lot in motion for me as an individual, but also for me as a mother. It helps me with pattern recognition, and that also has an effect on family dynamics. Since I microdose the truffles, I get more clear insights in the way I interact with my daughters. It's like I can step out of the picture of me as a mother a little more often and see what the hell I'm doing. For example, I now recognize better in the moment whether I react from trauma / coping mechanisms or not. Whether I repeat my parents' behavior and words or come from me. Because I now carry that extra mirror with me, I can also break those patterns. I am therefore convinced that microdosing can help address (transgenerational) trauma and coping mechanisms. I also experience that I have become a bit softer, which is less in my masculine energy. That may have something to do with the fact that I am now better able to surrender to the moment.

I'm not alone in saying that microdosing helps them be better parents. Many parents report more flow in their family life. They feel calmer and more absorbed in their children.

Life after the cure

After two months of microdosing in combination with CBD and cannabis, I can conclude that it has done a lot for me, especially emotionally. And I think that's where the biggest blockages were. There is still a lot of work to do, so I will definitely continue with the truffles. Is my chronic stress gone? No: but I do have a safe, natural tool that eases everyday life and in the long term low key does its job. I also want to emphasize that everyone reacts differently to substances and my experience is not self-evident. If you feel less of it, try not to judge and trust that the psilocybin does indeed trigger processes on a neurological, emotional and physical level.

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About Return to The Sun
Eva, the founder of Return to the Sun, felt the call to bring more people into contact with this beautiful tool from nature due to her own years of experience with microdosing. Her mission is to normalize microdosing with truffles and make it accessible to all people, so that everyone may receive the healing properties of this special medicine. She also sells powerful and pure superfoods in her shop and in this way Return to the Sun wants to contribute to supporting a healthy mindset and lifestyle, so that the inner sun can shine.