Why you shouldn't use synthetic products down there

You also have a flora there, and you don't want to disturb it.

Many of us have been using tampons since our teens, and often we have spent years walking around with bleached varieties. 1 in 10 women have endometriosis and others
suffer from other complaints such as pain, dryness or inflammation.

Wrong thing
If you go to the doctor with a complaint down there, you will receive remedies
prescribed, which often do not remedy the complaint and sometimes even worsen:
Vaseline should not be used internally and an anti-depressant will provide
just for more dryness: wrong stuff.

Look, a means that really tackles the complaint and does not disturb anything is natural
desirable, but this is not always the case. People with a uterus
simply don't have many options. By comparison, in the US,
men find solace in dozens of medicines for complaints below the belt.
There are several reasons for this: the medical world accepts hormonal fluctuations
still not serious enough, and that's why women's bodies aren't getting any better
enough researched.

And so we have to make do with drugstore remedies or medicines that are for
cause side effects. They are not holistic products. That means
that they may be addressing a symptom, but not completely nurturing
to work. So they don't add anything that makes your body happy.

out the window with it
Does your yoni need anything at all besides water? I mean, she can handle herself just fine
cleaning, so why put anything in it? Well, that depends. We know
all the shower: please throw it out the window right away. Soap-
products, hormonal fluctuations and certain medications such as antibiotics disrupt your flora, the natural balance of your yoni, and you don't want that.

But do you have certain complaints or do you want a softer skin feeling before, during and after your bedroom escapades? Then you would like to have natural, holistic options.

Keep it natural
Natural oil-based products that do not disturb this flora, but
adding something are on the rise. There are options with natural glide
replacing their old-fashioned synthetic predecessors in the bedroom,
and also variants that inhibit, calm and soothe inflammation.
These properties can be attributed to special ingredients that mama nature
has given us.

For example, has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries
peach kernel oil to treat uterine complaints. But the plant where
It really makes your yoni the most happy, is the plant that has been maligned for 80 years
and whose name we are not allowed to mention here. You know, the plant
with those beautiful leaves with serrated edges.

The plant for your yoni
That plant contains a substance that does not get you high, and that substance has a very
special effect on the uterine area. It helps soothe, calm
and inhibit inflammation. But there's more: it's a natural muscle relaxant
and it ensures that the blood supply goes to the tissues where you naturally
gets excited. This plant is also known as the ultimate PMS herb.

nature knows better
Whether you walk around with complaints or are looking for a way to make love
with a softer skin feeling and less chance of micro-tears and inflammation
afterwards or have complaints around the menopause and postpartum: a natural
wellness product for you sacred parts can make all the difference. just make sure
that it is free of synthetic junk and really adds something.

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