Herbal Mood Mixes Tutorials

Herbal smoking has always been deeply woven into cultures around the world as a way of connecting plants, their medicinal properties and our breath. Experience how the herbs calm your mind and feel completely present in the moment. PS: You don't necessarily have to smoke over the lungs to enjoy the benefits.

Herbal Spliff
Mix with weed, hash or CBD cannabis. 50/50 weed and herbs is called a spliff. With 1 jar of Herbal Mood Mixes you make 28 spliffs. 

  • Take your Heal Mary Holy Smoke rolling papers and tips.
  • Roll your joint. Use the herbs as you would normally use tobacco.
  • Crumble the weed and add, or use a bit of hashish or CBD weed. CBD weed
    is weed that doesn't get you high. More and more coffee shops are selling this.
  • Whatever you choose, always buy organic weed, preferably grown outdoors.
  • Set your intention and light it up!


herbal smoke
Roll pure with herbs for a clear, calming effect without the high. Please note: Soft Life contains Blue Lotus, which can give a subtle high. Cleopatra and her friends used this to reach higher levels of consciousness 😍.

  • Take your Heal Mary Holy Smoke rolling papers and tips.
  • Roll your joint. Use the herbs as you would normally use tobacco.
  • Don't add weed.
  • Set your intention and light it up!

Herbal vape
Vaping is a cleaner way to smoke than smoking. In addition, you taste the spices better and it is not
you need to be able to roll joints.

  • Take your vape. We are big fans of the Pax vape. This crown jewel is suitable
    for herbs, weed, hashish, cbd oil and other concentrates. The quality is second to none.
    you can order this vape in our webshop (delivery time 4-7 days).
  • Open the oven of your vape and fill it with the herbs. Tamp well and fill it up nicely.
    turn on the vape, wait for the green light to come on.
  • Take a 'lift'. It may take some getting used to: because no smoke but only vapor is released,
    it seems like not much is happening but this is how it should be!
  • Set your intention and light it up!


For thousands of years, plants, herbs, fruits, flowers and roots have been used to make infusions. If you use dried plant parts, you will not only get a beautiful, aromatic drink, but a truly medicinal infusion.
Here's how: When you dry plants, the cell wall of the cell nucleus becomes brittle. By breaking the cell wall, the medicinal substances are released in an infusion. Some plants release other substances in warm water. If you want to enhance the effect of the herbs, sip your herbs together with your spliff.

TBH: The Herbal Mood Mix is way too precious to use for infusions alone. The mix is completely filtered from twigs and other coarse plant parts (hand-grinded), which is nice for a joint. You can simply use these coarse pieces for a tea. We therefore recommend combining the herbs with other herbs, plant parts and ingredients.


French Press method

  • Fill one French Press for 1/3 with basic herbs such as chamomile, raspberry leaf, nettle or another (tea) herb. Add ginger, lemon juice, date syrup or berries if desired. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Herbal Mood Mix.
  • Fill with hot water (90 degrees)
  • Let steep for at least 30 minutes, preferably overnight.
  • Enjoy your therapeutic drink!

Cup of tea
You actually only make tea with tea herbs and other plant parts automatically make your drink an infusion.
But you get the idea. Would you like a cup of tea with your self-ceremony? Fill a tea filter or tea infuser and let steep for 5-30 minutes.


You can also burn the herbs as incense. We believe that the smoke of the burning herbs carries our prayers. Use the incense for deep inner work, gratitude rituals or while journaling. Burning incense can be done in several ways. We explain the methods here.

On a cabbage
This method brings an ancient element into your space. This is how our ancestors managed to connect more deeply with plants. 

  • Buy at the smart shop / hookah shop / spiritual shop round charcoals.
  • Take a fireproof dish and fill it with sand. Tip: bird sand from the supermarket in a nice color works great.
  • Make a hump out of the sand. This gives the cabbage room to breathe. Place the charcoal on the lump of sand.
  • Light the coal with a gas lighter or hold it over a candle. Use a pair of pliers for this, otherwise you will burn your fingers.
  • Wait five minutes until the coal starts to glow and is covered with grayish-white ash.
  • Carefully cover the charcoal with a piece of aluminum foil and make small holes in it. This step ensures that the loose incense burns less quickly, which gives a more subtle effect.
  • Place 1 teaspoon of Herbal Mood Mix herbs on the foil.
  • If the herbs are burnt, wipe them off the coal and add new incense. The coal will stay hot enough to burn incense for about 45-60 minutes.On an aroma burner
    Team ain't nobody got time for that? Do it this way. This method ensures that the fragrance is released more slowly. 
  • Take one aroma burner.
  • Light a tea light.
  • Place a teaspoon of herbs on a piece of aluminum foil or put water in the burner and heat the incense in it. The last method ensures that the scent is very slightly present.




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