Your favorite CBD product, delivered to your home with a 20% discount, always. No fuss. Pause or cancel whenever you want.

Why should you take an abbo?


  • We give you a discount of 20% on the CB as standardD.
  • You can always stop and are therefore never tied to anything
  • No fine print, no minimum membership term
  • You will receive the CBD automatically, without having to think about it.

A Heal Mary abbo is perfect for:


  • Dedicated beginners
  • Experienced Mary lovers
  • Smart savers
  • Busy parents
  • Loyal users
  • Roomies
  • Life hackers
  • You name it ...


“My anxiety is gone and I am 
I really sleep better when I take the oil. ”

Felicity, 32

Entrepreneur and mom, devours the 10%

“I was burned out and depressed. Because of Heal Mary's CBD oil I slept again and I was able to continue. ”

Samira, 23

Student, irie girl, fan of the 5%

“I have peace of mind, sleep a lot better and I feel good again. "

Michelle, 30
Creative copywriter, goes great on the 10%

Go for it.

Are you out? Go for it. 

Do you have a question about the dosage, do you not know where to start or do you have another question? Check the FAQ page. Can't find your answer? Mail us. 

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