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Heal Mary High Maintenance pack

A combination of the 10% percent CBD and a nice pack of Heal Mary long rolling paper plus tip. For the high gals and guys among us. 

Heal Mary Twin Pack

Order the 5% and the 10% and you are completely safe. Use the 5% for your daily routine, in your smoothie, or turn it into CBD-infused beauty products. The 10% helps you through the lesser days. 

Heal Mary Membership

 Receive a bottle of CBD on your doormat every month, just completely automatically. This way you will never be without and you will save 30%. Available from spring 2020.

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Are you out? Go for it. 

Do you have a question about the dosage, do you not know where to start or do you have another question? Check the FAQ page. Can't find your answer? Mail us. 

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