To be a woman is to be in pain. At the same time, hormonal issues are still
has not been seriously investigated. Fortunately the womb has become wise
of plants, which we have been using for centuries. Let's talk CBD, cannabis and your cycle.


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  • Cannabis & sleep: how do CBD and THC help with sleeping problems?
    Once you've fallen asleep, CBD will help you stay asleep. CBD stabilizes your sleep pattern and helps to reduce sleepiness the next day, during the day you are more alert and you suffer less from anxiety.
  • Is CBD the same as weed?
    Do you still find CBD a bit scary or do you not really know what the difference is between CBD and the weed that you can get at the coffee shop? we got you.
  • 7 Tips to Reset in a Cannabis Bath
    Have you ever tried your CBD bath? You're in for a treat! If you are blessed with a bath, or have a bathing location available elsewhere, we highly recommend taking regular hemp-infused baths. Whether you have menstrual cramps, low back pain, troubled skin or a stiff neck and wrists from all that laptop staring: a …
  • Our mission
    With self-care, conversations and stories, we want to help normalize cannabis for women and femmes and reintroduce the plant knowledge of our ancestors.
  • Can CBD Really Help With Menstrual Pain?
    Let's talk it out How exactly CBD works is probably still a mystery to you. It's also complicated. You really just want to know if CBD can do something about those menstrual cramps that floor you every month. The honest answer to your question is…'maybe'. Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system. What works for you doesn't necessarily work...
  • The basics: All things Ayurveda
    Ayurveda is the very oldest medicine in the world. It is the GOAT of all health systems. To this day, Ayurveda is fully alive in India, and it is also becoming more and more known in the West. What does Ayurveda mean? Ayur means science or knowledge and veda means life. Ayurveda literally means 'the science of life'. Where does Ayurveda come from? This says…