7 Tips to Reset in a Cannabis Bath

Have you ever tried your CBD bath? You're in for a treat!

If you are blessed with a bath, or have a bathing location available elsewhere, we highly recommend taking regular hemp-infused baths. Whether you have menstrual cramps, low back pain, troubled skin or a stiff neck and wrists from all that laptop staring: soak for an hour with a cannabis product and you're good to go.

Why CBD helps in the bath 

Your skin is your largest organ and can absorb CBD. Some of the CBD ends up in your bloodstream through the skin. That way, CBD can help relax the muscles, de-stress and contribute to your overall well-being, but it won't get you high.

Tip 1: Try our Soak Break

The first time I tried a CBD bath bomb, I immediately knew: this is something everyone should experience. My skin immediately cleared up, my terribly dry feet felt like pillows and the back pain I had bathed with was suddenly gone. I couldn't find any CBD bath bombs in the Netherlands with a high concentration of CBD and no junk in them. I searched for a long time for the right production lot for our Soak Break balls, and finally I found a small-scale party in Berlin that could make the CBD bath bombs exactly the way I wanted. They smell wonderful of ylang-ylang and lavender and contain 150 grams of CBD per ball. You can notice an effect from 50 grams of CBD per ball, so they are not silly bath bombs. I actually always walk around with back and neck pain, and then these bombs really have the effect of a massage on my body. I now have a deal with myself to block every Sunday afternoon for a CBD bath. 

Tip 2: Experience a full body high

If you want to add an extra dimension to your bath sesh, go for a full body high. THC is illegal in the Netherlands, so you won't find bath bombs here that will get you stoned. Your bathing session can of course start with a few puffs of your vape. You can fill the Pax 3 yourself with a nice organic weed.

Tip 3: Safety first

If you go for the THC-infused bathing session and therefore take hits from your vape before or during the bath, keep in mind that you might get tired. Keep it safe. Opt for tea lights instead of candles and set an alarm. 

Tip 4: CBD hair mask 

Combine the bath bomb with a CBD hair mask from L'Anza. CBD hair masks give overly dry, exhausted hair and the troubled scalp a wonderful boost. The antioxidants in CBD and green tea neutralize free radicals, making your hair healthier and, together with coconut oil and other natural toppers, let it shine like never before. 

Tip 5: Hold the glow 

After your Soak Break, your skin will feel soft like an alpaca coat, and the hot water will open your pores. It is therefore important that you feed it with the right stuff afterwards. see there the body oil from lalo, a CBD body oil that you say to yourself. Packed with broad-spectrum CBD, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A real glow getter. 

Tip 6: Inflatable bath

Don't have a bath at home, but do you have enough space in your bathroom for an inflatable bath? An inflatable pool works just as well! I have ... myself this one from Tubble, an Amsterdam sustainable brand. With the electric pump it can be set up in a few minutes and you can easily store it again after your Soak Break. To do!

Tip 7: Milk & honey bath

Channel queen Cleopatra and add milk, honey and optional flowers to your bath. You can add all the flowers you want, make it a party. The milk and honey make your skin even softer. You can add everything from cow's milk to coconut or buttermilk powder to your bath water, but there are also ready-to-use products such as Queen or Roses bath milk from Rose's Apothecary. Pro tip: combine your milky bath with CBD weed without THC. That is invigorating and relaxing at the same time!

What is your favorite bathing ritual?

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