Can cannabis improve your sex life?

Do you need to improve your sex life? No, there is not necessarily something wrong with your sex life. Not even if you hardly have one, have trouble cumming or sometimes penetration doesn't feel so gentle to you. Cannabis can be a natural helpline, an ally you know is there, and you can invite her into the bedroom if your mood is right.

Can cannabis improve your sexual experience? For many people, the answer is a resounding yes. Anyway, doing the dishes is also a very nice experience when you are high. Just like sorting the kitchen cupboards or walking the dog on a rainy evening. So how can cannabis specifically spice up your bedroom escapades? Read on, darling.

canna sutra

Cannabis is a well-known aphrodisiac. Indian practitioners of tantra already knew this thousands of years ago. Physiologically speaking, this is not surprising. The state of being high is not all that different from being sexually aroused. Both have an effect on our brain and hormone system. The more you are in balance (homeostasis), the more body's own cannabinoids you produce. And an orgasm stimulates the production of these endocannabinoids. Cannabinoids from the plant (phytocannabinoids) have a similar effect to certain hormones.

no viagra

There is no scientific evidence that cannabis works like Viagra.
THC widens blood vessels and increases blood flow. If you have a penis, it may just be that you last longer in bed thanks to the natural aphrodisiac. For anyone with a vulva, cannabis can also be an addition in bed. THC makes you more sensitive to sensations. So touch can feel more intense and sensual.

Natural excitement

Both THC and CBD stimulate blood flow. Especially if you use cannabis 'locally', ie as a lubricant in and on your vulva. Inside is a whole network of erectile tissues, which swell when we get aroused. Cannabis increases blood flow to those tissues, which gets you excited and boosts your body's own hydration. That can be nice when having sex with a partner/partners or when having solo sex. And another plus: for all kinds of reasons, many people suffer from stiff pelvis, pelvic pain and tension in the pelvic area. CBD and THC is a natural muscle relaxant. In addition, in combination with other soothing ingredients, a CBD vulva product can help soothe, calm and reduce inflammation. Very pleasant before, but certainly also after sex, to prevent micro-tears, for example. Always choose a holistic CBD lubricant, without junk and with ingredients that add something. Keep your vulva happy.

Out of your head

Cannabis can also help you relax. THC, in mindful doses, can help you let go. It can help you create the right happy, safe mood and it can increase the intimacy between you and your partner. For a lot of people, it's like when you're high something falls away, like you don't have to prove yourself and can just be playful and open-minded.

sexual healing

Are you stressed, do you have sexual anxiety, are you in your head a lot or have you had an off-day at work and washed your favorite sweater? Then definitely combine a CBD lubricant with drops for under the tongue to feel more calm throughout your body. Our ultimate tip is to take the vape filled with a little THC weed with you to your bedroom. If you want to get out of your head and into your body, choose an indica strain. If you're in the mood for an adventurous lovey-dovey sesh and are far from going to sleep, go for a sativa strain.

Cannabis and sex mean something different to everyone. For one couple it is a serious means of tackling blockages, for others it is a creative experiment and for others an indispensable part of the pillow talk after sex. For some, cannabis-infused sex can even be a spiritual experience .

Photo credit: Daniel Faro