Vaginal dryness but not yet in the menopause

Vaginal dryness is not (only) part of the menopause. You can do this and you should change this if your yoni feels dry. 

Do you suffer from dryness in the south, but are you still in your twenties or thirties? Don't panic, it doesn't have to mean that you are walking around with an infection or are even in early menopause. There can also be another cause, which is often overlooked: vaginal dryness. 


Everyone thinks that vaginal dryness is part of menopause, but this is also common in younger people. In fact, 20 percent of women (gender) between 17 and 50 suffer from this ailment. And while it's not dangerous, vaginal dryness can be being mega painful and uncomfortable


Itching, tenderness and irritation are clear signs that things are not quite right down south. Pain during sex and when urinating can also indicate vaginal dryness. What is less common but a red flag is: fissures / fissures at the anus. 

What causes dryness?

Before menopause, estrogen levels drop, which is the biggest culprit when it comes to vaginal dryness. Things are also drier when the estrogen levels in your cycle are lower, namely as soon as your period starts. Immediately after your menstrual week, estrogen levels are very low, but just before the week starts you can also suffer from dryness and irritation. 

But other factors also influence your estrogen levels and can therefore lead to dryness.

Dryness can be a side effect of your:

  • menstrual cycle

  • birth control
    Are you on the combined pill or the mini-pill? A common side effect is, yes, dryness down there.

  • hormonal changes, due to age or breastfeeding
    Are you breastfeeding? The superpowers you need to produce milk for a baby are related to the moisture in your vagina. Your estrogen levels are low during this period.

  • smoking or alcohol
    We hate to break it to ya, but smoking and drinking aren't exactly the best vagina moisturizers. Smoking dries things out because it affects blood flow to the erectile tissues. Alcohol dehydrates, so also down there.

  • depression, stress or anxiety
    Your mental health and your body are completely intertwined. Stress, anxiety and depression can affect blood flow, including in the genitals. Stress determines how many hormones your brain produces, which in turn affects your ovaries. Long-term lack of hormones in the ovaries increases the risk of depression and anxiety.

  • intensive sports routine
    Have you been exercising a lot and hard lately? Although there are many benefits of exercise for your cycle health, it can also lower estrogen levels and therefore cause vaginal dryness.

  • vagina cleaning products
    If you get rid of your vaginal bacteria with intimate douches and wash gels, you stunt their growth, which in turn can irritate the tissues.

  • medical treatments such as uterine surgery or chemotherapy. FYI: have you taken anti-depressants and afterwards developed complaints such as dryness? some doctors see a connection between antidepressants and dryness. Be aware that for some vulvar complaints (such as vulvodynia) you will be prescribed an anti-depressant. And that can dehydrate you even more. 
  • condoms
    Latex condoms can also make your yoni dry and irritated. Alternative condoms made of polythylene, polyurethane or polyisoprene are available. Disadvantage: They break faster than latex variants. Plus: polyurethane goes well with oil-based lubricant.

  • synthetic underwear and tampons
    Your sexiest sets are often not the most vulva-friendly.
    Synthetic fabrics can cause irritation and dryness, whether it's lace panties or synthetic tampons. 
This is how you get wet again

Once you've identified the cause of your vaginal dryness, there are several things you can do to tackle the Sahara in the south.

1. Use (CBD) Lubricant

It is a misconception that lube is only for sex. It is in fact an excellent means of getting moister.
However, this only applies to quality lubricant. Skip lubricant with synthetic ingredients, because that will not make your skin – and therefore your vagina – happy. 

  • water-based lubricants are easy to combine with condoms, but they dry quickly 
  • oil-based lubricant cannot be used with latex condoms, but does not dry quickly and provides a nicer skin feeling. 

CBD lubricant is not a fun gimmick: the non-psychoactive substance from the hemp plant has health benefits that are very useful in case of dryness. For example, CBD stimulates blood flow to the erectile tissues in your puni. As a result, you become physically aroused, and your natural moisturizing starts. CBD is a natural muscle relaxant and helps prevent cracks before, during and after penetration.

CBD is highly anti-inflammatory. Heal Mary's Peach 'n Love is a lubricant based on CBD, peach kernel oil and other natural ingredients that do not disturb your vaginal flora. Peach kernel oil has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years for uterine complaints. Peach 'n Love is a holistic product, unlike most lubes, it still gives a soothing, calming and caring effect long after use. 

2. Switch of Birth Control

Switch pills or see if there are other forms of birth control that work for you.

3. Track your period

Track with an app when the dryness occurs in your cycle, so that you get more insight into whether there is a connection with the estrogen levels.

4. Reduce or stop alcohol, replace cigarettes

If you were looking for another reason to (temporarily) stop drinking alcohol, now is the time. If you smoke cigarettes, try replacing them with herbs/herbs. We will soon have them in collaboration with Amsterdam based Like Rose (pre-order goes live this month!).

5. Go for cotton

Choose cotton underwear and menstrual products such as those from Yonic or a menstrual cup.

6. Try This Supplement

Consult with your doctor about the application of sea buckthorn berry oil, omega 7. The sea buckthorn berry is one of the few natural sources of omega 7, the substance that could help with dryness. There is also some scientific evidence for this. Some doctors also prescribe creams with very low doses of estrogen.

Important: we are not doctors and therefore do not prescribe medical advice. Always consult with your own doctor and any other holistic practitioners.