H&AL MARY X LIKE ROSE Herbal Mood Mix ~ Mystical

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Herbal Mood Mix for a mystical self-ceremony
This mix calms your mind as you are gently lifted to a place where you may not have met yourself before.

10 grams, enough for 33 spliffs mixed with cannabis or 17 herbal joints.

  • Intention: Relax, reflect, levitate
  • With mullein, calendula, marshmallow leaf, tulsi, cloves
  • Ode to our Javanese ancestors
  • Food grade, 100% organic
  • Grinded by hand to fluffy perfection
  • No longer needs to be filtered or grinded, can be consumed immediately

INGREDIENTS: Mullein, calendula, marshmallow leaf, clove, holy basil, contains 0.00% THC, nicotine or CBD



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Your own stylish rolling papers and tips, in a beautiful pack with magnetic closure. Purple rolling paper and tips. Produced in Europe, with gum arabic and unbleached paper, without nasty dust. For ultimate high times.

H&AL MARY X LIKE ROSE Herbal Mood Mix ~ Soft Life

 Herbal Mood Mix for that soft life 

This mix is the hug you need in the first week of your cycle, but can be used any day of the month
can be used to bring out the soft side in yourself. Lean into the soft life, darling. For everyone, woman or not.

10 grams, enough for 33 spliffs mixed with weed/hash or 17 herbal joints.

  • Intention: Soothe, ease, balance
  • With raspberry leaf, chamomile, blue lotus, rose leaf and mugwort
  • Perfect for softening the uterus
  • Or to soothe mentally
  • Food grade, 100% organic
  • Grinded by hand to fluffy perfection
  • No longer needs to be filtered or grinded, can be consumed immediately

INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, Mugwort, Blue Lotus, Raspberry Leaf and Rose Leaf, contains 0.00% THC, Nicotine or CBD




Herbs are a great substitute for tobacco, to take your spliffing experience to the next level, to burn loose incense or to make tea. Have you ever smoked lavender, sage or rose petals? There's a whole world of herbs you can smoke in addition to cannabis and tobacco ~ Milena

It is in our nature to smoke plants that grow near us. Our ancestors discovered hundreds of non-psychoactive medicinal herbs to relax, soothe, connect and transform. In Ayurveda, it is even part of the daily routine.

Like Rose herbs
This product is a collaboration with Like Rose, a new Amsterdam CBD flower & herbs brand founded
by Milena Kapamby. When Milena discovered that medicinal herbs that don't get you high
relieved her depression, the idea arose to create the perfect blend of smokable herbs for every mood
to put together. She tests, filters and grinds everything herself. Discover all Herbal Mood Mixes via @likeroseherbs

Use the Herbal Mood Mix:

  • Stand-alone in a herbal joint or in a vape
  • As a tobacco substitute in a spliff with weed
  • loose incense
  • Tea

Herbs & benefits
Holy Basil / Tulsia
According to the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom
helps tulsi purify the mind
and spirit. It would be deep rooted
emotions in the heart and chest
can help release. Holy Basil
is also used for more spiritual
connection. Tulsi helps your mind
in a row and encourages relaxation.

Has been used for thousands of years for the respiratory and
to treat complaints such as asthma and bronchitis.
This herb is known for its antibacterial, antioxidant,
and antiviral properties.

Marshmallow Leaf / Marshmallow Leaf
This cooling herb has
a positive effect on the meridians
of the lungs, stomach, intestines
and blow. Velvety and smokes smooth.

Marigold flowers were already smoked by the Maya.
Gives your smoke a smooth floral citrus taste,
and the terpenes can offer you an uplifting
boost. Experienced in many cultures
people vivid dreams after smoking
from calendula. The flower is loved for its handsome
prevention, but also potential health benefits.
Some (animal & cell) studies confirm antiviral,
anti-inflammatory anti-fungal and bacterial
properties. Can also help with muscle twitching.

We added a kiss of cloves to this mix. cloves is
the flower of a tropical tree that originally
only grew in the Moluccas. There people planted the
tree to honor the birth of their children.
In ancient Java people used cloves already
to dispel negative forces and
amplify spiritual vibrations.
Cloves contain eugenol, a powerful substance
that bacteria and the growth of fungi
and fight free radicals.


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  1. Jora Meertens (verified owner)

    Delicious. Pure vaping works fine: smokes light and soft, sometimes with a fresh taste. Effect is: relaxation, softening, little dreamy. Also great before going to sleep, as soon as I closed my eyes a world opened up for me, a bit like lucid dreaming and then dancing on the clouds 🙂 physically fulfilled and whole.

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