Heal Mary 10% cbd drops

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Heal Mary CBD 10% is a powerful full-spectrum CBD oil that is bursting with cannabinoids, antioxidants and special terpenes.

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  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • In cold-pressed hemp seed oil
    Soft, clear and neutral taste
  • Obtained with supercritical Co2 method
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, 100% natural
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INGREDIENTS: Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Contains 1000mg CBD, Contains Less Than 0.001 % THC

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Heal Mary 10% contains twice as many cannabinoids as Heal Mary 5% Drops. One drop contains no less than 5mg of pure CBD and comes in a 10ml bottle.

If you're looking for a powerful CBD oil, this one is perfect for you. Great for a multitude of complaints. This variant is the ultimate favourite.

Recommended starting dose: 3 drops on a full stomach (then the cannabinoids work better), 1 to 2x a day.

Quality and production process
As imperfect as our lives may be, our CBD must be as perfect. So we don't do any
concessions when it comes to the quality of our products. This starts with the plant. Our CBD oil is made from the Finola variety, a hemp variety with a high content of CBD and a rich cannabinoid profile.
The plants grow under the Italian sun, in the best natural conditions. We do not use any pesticides, biocides or plant protection products. During the growing process, the plants are monitored, subjected to strict tests and cultivation and harvesting techniques are continuously optimized.

The hemp plants receive a lot of love throughout the production process. The CBD is extracted through supercritical fluid extraction. This method ensures that all cannabinoids are preserved. Gentle purification then removes chlorophyll, wax and fats from the extract. The result: a soft, bright golden oil with a fine neutral taste. 

Independently tested
Only the best CBD brands have their products independently tested. It is important to have CBD oil tested for all markers that could affect quality. Yet most reports fall far short of that. Often only the CBD and THC content is tested, and not for possible heavy metals, fungi, pesticides and other junk. Our partner tests every batch again through the laboratory of Fundacion CANNA in Spain. This highly regarded non-profit organization is completely independent and conducts rigorous research in the field of cannabis. They perform high-quality analyzes in the lab. 

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33 reviews for Heal Mary 10% cbd drops

  1. Chala

    Significantly improved quality of sleep and lucid dreams

  2. Talita

    Since I have been using heal Mary 10%, a whole new world has opened up for me. I never knew there was a life without menstrual pain. After trying everything, this was my last attempt and with success. My stomachaches and cramps are all but gone, and my hormonal migraines have now faded into a minor headache—and then only sporadically. I notice it immediately when I haven't used it for a while. Now that I know that it can be done in a healthy way without painkillers, a life without this mini-bottle is actually no longer imaginable. And – also nice – the taste is very mild compared to the 5%. Still in doubt? Give yourself a try, really!

  3. Yasira

    I used to have trouble falling asleep for months. I started using the Heal Mary 10% every night after that, and since then I have been sleeping much better and non-stop!

  4. Kimberley

    I've been using Healmary's 10% cbd for 3.5 months now. The cbd oil really helps me against menstrual complaints. The cramps and hormone changes are much less severe than before.
    In my daily life I also benefit a lot from the cbd oil, I sleep more deeply and it helps me to get my mind on ease in bed.
    Even during a busy deadline, the oil helps me to focus and concentrate better. If you are still in doubt, I would definitely recommend trying this fantastic product! hello mary thanks ???

  5. Pauline

    At Heal Mary you know for sure that you are in the right place. No placebo, but real CBD carefully selected and distributed. A very reliable brand of an inspiring power woman!!

  6. Michelle

    I'm a huge fan of Heal Mary CBD 10%! I started using this CBD in the why not category. I didn't know if it would bring me anything, but weed is great, so why not try another part of this powerplant? But praise the Lord for Heal Mary – I didn't expect it to be so chill to use. Significantly soon after using the 10% I went from a sort of Britney Spears 2007 mental state of mind to really feeling much calmer in every way. Many thanks!

  7. Ellis (verified owner)

    I'm a big fan of the 10% :). I am a lot calmer in my head which gives me much more time to be creative. In addition, I sleep wonderfully. Just subscribed :)

  8. Alsace (verified owner)

    What an outcome. After trying all kinds of pain relief, I finally tied something that really works against migraines, restlessness, poor sleep and menstrual pain! Never again

  9. Sophie (verified owner)

    After a busy working day where I had to be "on" all day, I often have trouble relaxing and falling asleep again. Thanks to Heal Mary, this is a lot easier. I notice that after use I experience more peace in my head and body and that I can breathe more deeply. The idea that the ingredients are also good for me makes it extra chill

  10. Iris (verified owner)

    Super happy with the 10% from Heal Mary. I sleep wonderfully because of it (I don't take it every night, but more when I feel I would like it) and I feel rested and good in my own skin. Already recommended to many / let them try. Everyone reacts enthusiastically!

  11. Taneesha Simmons

    Im so grateful to be able to have this natural cure for my anxiety. It helps me calm down and if I can't sleep due to overthinking or my menstruation, I immediately fall asleep after a few drops of Heal Mary CBD 10%. I recommend this to everyone plus: not only because of the products but also because of the amazing babe-boss Shinta?

  12. doortje (verified owner)

    very good cbd! I am more than satisfied! I recommend this one to everyone!

  13. Eelco

    Zen squared love it <3

  14. Kim (verified owner)

    I have been using the CBS oil for about a month now and can honestly say that I am sleeping much better! Also, the migraines seem to be milder and even decreased! In addition, I really love the story and the passion of this entrepreneur. In short, treat yo'self and HealMary. Top service!

  15. Kim (verified owner)

    Super nice before going to sleep. Gives me peace of mind and helps me to switch off after a busy day. It brings me close to myself again.

  16. maaike

    I think it's the best I've tried so far. I sleep better and my mind is calmer. I am a fan! I am happy with my subscription

  17. Charlotte Derksen

    Top stuff! Take that trade! I have now started the subscription of 5% and 10% – what a great combination 🙂 I use 5% every evening and 10% I use with headaches / extreme tiredness or when my body asks for it. hooked!

  18. Tamara

    I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. Since I use the 10% I no longer suffer from this. Super nice!

  19. Fabienne Albertus

    Tried CBD from different producers. Heal Mary is definitely a favorite! In particular, I find the 10% to be a winner, both in terms of taste and effect. I am less irritable and feel fitter. For the first time not having to take any tablets during my period.

    100% recommended

  20. Wolke (verified owner)

    I am a fan of both the product and the packaging of the postal package. My insomnia/fear of sleeping and headaches have clearly decreased. I open the parcel with a smile; the dried flowers are a real added value.

  21. Priscilla (verified owner)

    What a great product! Started with the oil to see if it would help against menstrual pain and it certainly does. Within a minute or 10 I feel the pain subsiding, really so happy about it. In addition, I sleep much deeper and I also have a much better focus during the day. The well-known 'brain fog' is gone. I can not live without!

  22. Tamara (verified owner)

    These drops really help me a lot! I've been sleeping through (almost) all nights since taking the 10% before bed and that really NEVER happened since my burnout & ptsd diagnosis. I am really impressed and very relieved that this is working. My headaches are also much less. For this I took the 5%, which is also very nice during the day, but with the 10% I really notice a difference in restlessness and anxiety. Totally a fan, the packages also have a very nice vibe when they arrive because of the super nice packaging. Really nice and soft product.

  23. Frank

    On the advice of my daughter, Dad, give CBD oil a try, it won't hurt. You're taking so much medicine right now, that can't be good. For example, 7 weeks ago I started using CBD oil 10% (first consulted my Rheumatologist and General Practitioner)
    Discussed with Shinta, what is the right amount of drops that I can (may) use, for the start weeks and the weeks after.
    So I get to work, the balance between tension and relaxation of my body, the pain becomes acceptable, so that my body aligns with what I really think is important.
    Within a few days, I became calm and relaxed, the pain is now milder and less medication, so nice, this is the best I could do.

  24. Melissa M. (verified owner)

    A very nice enrichment! Since using the CBD drops I sleep like a baby! My period complaints have also decreased! Where it used to be headaches, backaches and flu for days, I now whistling through that period. My anxiety symptoms are also greatly reduced. Every woman should try this!

    • shinta lempers (store manager)

      Wow that's great to hear Melissa!

  25. Pleun Kasper-Tuhuteru (verified owner)

    Fan from the first hour! Really happy with this CBD oil and other products from Heal Mary. I use them almost daily and benefit a lot from them. In addition to the effectiveness of the products, the service is also fantastic!

  26. alma (verified owner)

    Better sleep, more happy

  27. Chantal Van Abeelen (verified owner)

    Very nice drops with a good soothing effect

    • shinta lempers (store manager)

      Thank you for your review Chantal! <3

  28. Lakid

    Less muscle pain, I sleep better and my mood is better balanced. Top product.

  29. Femke (verified owner)

    The drops help me a lot with my neck and shoulder complaints, it reduces (muscle) tension and therefore gives pain relief. A very nice product!

  30. Sabine (verified owner)

    This is the only place where we buy our cbd products. If you want to know exactly why, listen to the conversation with the owner & founder in the podcast of soul things! Highly recommended

  31. Anonymously (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product after two weeks of use! I notice that I suffer less from pms complaints and hold happy emotions longer. I am curious if this effect is permanent, hope so 🙂

  32. Nina (verified owner)

  33. Jolanda (verified owner)

    The best fine and pure form! I am and will remain a fan. Sleep deeper and wake up rested. Now I can handle the sleepless nights with my baby so much better.

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