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New formula! Anyone who wants to start with CBD and is looking for a supplement with a neutral taste of the best quality. Great for mild complaints and as support for the immune system for every day.

Our CBD oil is produced from outdoor plants in Italy, which makes this oil superior to the most common CBD oil on the Dutch market. CBD produced in the Netherlands is usually made from hemp plants that grow in greenhouses. Our plants grow under the southern European sun, which allows for a high CBD content.

Our CBD is obtained from the first pressing, which yields the highest and purest CBD. It is a broad-spectrum oil, which means that all cannabinoids are preserved. We only filtered out the chlorophyll, using gentle CO2 extraction, the gold standard of extraction. Our CBD oil is organic and meets the strictest GMP requirements of organic farming.

We chose organic hemp seed oil, because this carrier oil is the purest and the best way to bring out the properties of cannabis.

Recommended starting dose: 3 drops on a full stomach (then the cannabinoids work better), 1 to 2x a day.


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Broad-spectrum CBD oil for beginners or for mild complaints. Note: new formula. The difference with the old version is that it no longer contains chlorophyll, and therefore tastes neutral and looks clear.

  • 10% discount
  • Free shipping after the first order
  • In total you save 19% on every order
  • Great for mild complaints and as an immune system boost
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, 100% natural
  • Contains 0.00 % THC

INGREDIENTS: Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract 500mg Broad-Spectrum CBD

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