Our mission

A lot is expected of a woman's body, while it has to endure a lot. For centuries, women have used plants such as hemp for physical and emotional complaints, from PMS to mood swings. Thanks to the many receptors that interact with CBD and cannabis, and the production of estrogen in our body, we have a special synergy with the cannabis plant.  

With self-care, conversations and stories, we want to help normalize cannabis for women and femmes and reintroduce the plant knowledge of our ancestors.

We got history

Yep, us and Mary-Jane (cannabis' funniest nickname), we're going way back. Only a lot has happened in the past 80 years, and it has given her a bad name.

Fortunately, that is now slowly changing. Thanks to activists, ganjapreneurs, scientists, artists and consumers. Gossip is rectified. People are (re)discovering what CBD and cannabis can do for our mental health, body, spiritual well-being, creativity, sex life and the planet.

Normalizing through wellness

For us, cannabis, wellness and mindfulness belong together. All cannabinoids have health benefits, including THC. CBD is legal, THC is still illegal and criminalized. We regret that, because THC is a fantastic cannabinoid and extremely suitable for (sexual) wellness products. We want to continue to grow with the culture shift, within the framework of the law. And you are one of us now. Together we can own the industry and shape it ourselves. You have the power to push science and products that benefit you.

We also want to show that cannabis concerns everyone, in a world where hundreds of thousands of people use dangerous opiates and others can even go under lock and key for drinking cannabis tea. We want to contribute to the normalization of cannabis in our own way. In the meantime, Heal Mary products help you to keep your mind, body and spirit in check every day.

People & planet loving

Heal Mary was founded in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We all have a responsibility for this planet and the beautiful creatures that live on it. That's why we never test our products on animals and use natural ingredients. Heal Mary products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender identity.

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