CBD Gin & Tonic

A CBD latte in the morning for more focus and peace of mind, and in the evening to wind down your evening chill. On the weekend you prefer a pick-me-up. That's where the CBD-infused cocktail comes in. You may be wondering if CBD and alcohol are a match. The answer is yes, luckily. CBD is often associated with feelings of happiness and many people use it to relieve anxiety, pain and nausea. Wouldn't you want such an ingredient in your cocktail?

How it works exactly? It's simple: you can experiment with any of your favorite liqueurs or mixed drinks. The only thing you have to take into account is the ratio. The more alcohol in your cocktail, the more tipsy you become (probably not news) – and the less you notice anything from the CBD. But if you put too much CBD in it, you can get a little sleepy.

Everyone reacts differently to alcohol and CBD, so also to a combination. One becomes mellow, the other just hyped. And that ahem, quite intense taste of CBD oil? From a culinary point of view, recipes lend themselves perfectly to using the cannabis flavor. This one is unique and can accentuate certain flavors even more. Cannabis, for example, goes well with matcha, basil, hops (cannabis and hops are family!) and mint. CBD is the icing on your cake when it comes to cocktails. 

CBD Gin & Tonic

  • 45 ml gin 
  • 100 ml tonic
  • ¼ lime juice 
  • 15mg CBD oil
  • aromas such as cannabis leaves, lime peel, grapefruit peel, edible flowers, herbs and peppercorns

Pour the gin, tonic and lemon juice into a wine glass. Put in some ice cubes. Choose the aromas that you like and turn them into a festive cocktail. Drizzle the CBD oil over the cocktail.