Curly, über-full lashes with CBD mascara

Do something different with your CBD oil than just drip it under your tongue. Heal Mary also fits very well in your beauty case. Make your mascara extra nourishing and special with a little of the oil. 

CBD is a vegan alternative to the beeswax normally found in mascara (to adhere the fibers to lashes). The oil also provides a creamy texture, making your mascara better is to be applied.

The retailer Sephora has been smart enough to launch real cannabis mascara. This Kush Mascara is infused with CBD. The special formula makes your lashes fullerand perfectly curly. This is not yet for sale in the Netherlands, but with Heal Mary and your favorite mascara you really come a long way. If you happen to be in France or England, stock it up (and bring one for us too, super sweet).