Can CBD Really Help With Menstrual Pain?

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How exactly CBD works is probably still a mystery to you. It's also complicated. You really just want to know if CBD can do something about those menstrual cramps that floor you every month.

The honest answer to your question is…'maybe'. Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system. What works for you will not necessarily work for someone else. 

What we do know about CBD:

CBD helps your muscles relax and reduces stress and inflammation. Your period is an inflammatory process and therefore the anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD can work very well for menstrual complaints.

So suppose I have severe cramps. Can I then use CBD to relieve it and how exactly does it work in my body?

That is difficult to say, because you are so unique. And CBD first tackles your biggest imbalance. This can be the cause of your menstrual pain, but it is also possible that another inflammation is even more important to tackle, so that your body will deal with it first. 

What could be the benefits of CBD for my period?

We get a lot of fan mail from women who swear by CBD oil when they have or have their period. We often hear that the CBD takes the edge off the pain. The pain usually doesn't go away completely, but it does become do-able. This way you get through your working day with deadlines, and you don't have to curl up on the couch or numb yourself with pills.

So, just try it then?

Certainly do. But keep in mind that you first have to use CBD every day for a while, preferably for three weeks, but at least a week. That way you get the most out of it. Also nice: don't start on your most painful day, rather a little before. 

Just heal with it! 

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