Cannabis is a flower and the vaporizer reminds you of that. Taste the sweet notes of the plant and experience how you can enjoy cannabis lowkey without the drawbacks of smoking.

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Vaping is a healthier way of using cannabis than smoking. It happens at a lower temperature, leaving more of the good stuff intact. They are the cannabinoids that your body and mind crave. Which makes you feel relaxed and euphoric. Smoking partially burns those magical substances at the same time, while you do ingest tar and carcinogens. These harmful substances can cause respiratory problems. Vaping also gives a more subtle, clean high. You taste the pure of the flower instead of the bitter of tobacco. The advantage of inhalation compared to other forms of administration is that it gives effect very quickly. Your lungs have a very high bioavailability, which is why you notice the same effect when smoking or vaping. The effects disappear faster, namely within two hours.

You can use this vape with pure cannabis with THC or CBD weed (that won't get you high) and with waxy stuff like hash. The PAX 3.5 is the latest version of the PAX 3. We are huge fans of this vape and therefore don't want to withhold it from you. PAX simply makes the very best vapes. The 3.5 is a vaporizer with the latest technology, which you can control with and without an app. Super stylish, intuitive, smart and of the very best quality. Includes 10 year manufacturer's warranty!

You can use this vape for loose leaves (weed) or for extracts such as hash. You can switch from herbs to assie in an instant, thanks to the included concentrate insert. Whether you want to vape a microdose or the equivalent of a joint, these vapes are made for it. The 'half pack oven' is a nice cover
that you use if you only want to vape a little bit.

super smart
You and this vape are evenly matched, because PAX 3 is super smart. The vape is equipped with haptic feedback and vibrates as soon as it is ready for use.
We love it when a toy does that, ha. When you put the vape down to finish your lasagna, the motion sensor ensures that it automatically saves battery power.

PAX Vapor app
Pro tip: download the PAX Vapor app for iPhone and Android to perfectly set the desired temperature. You can also customize even more in the app, such as the color of the LED. And you can lock your vape with it. Handy for when you have curious children running around. You can also choose from four temperature options on the vape itself. 

Battery never low
Feel free to go to a festival with your PAX 3, because the battery has a capacity of no less than 3500 mAh. don't ask us
to which that can be compared, although we do know that the 16% is more powerful than its predecessor.

This complete kit includes:

  • PAX 3.5 vaporizer
  • Charging cable with USB
  • Maintenance set (1 cleaning brush, 10 pipe cleaners)
  • Standard and Raised Mouthpiece
  • Standard closing cover
  • Half-pack closing cover
  • Concentrate insert
  • 3 screens
  • Multi-tool for tamping the herbs

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Sand, Sage


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