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Hey plant lover, do you have a minute? 

As a mom of Heal Mary, I like to share my own story with you.


Over the years I have developed a special bond with cannabis.

I got to know her again after a long time. I was never really a powerpuff girl, it was part of my teenage years.

I traveled to Brazil and discovered the healing powers of ayahuasca and peyote. I experienced that these and other plants, which I always saw as enemies, could be allies. That they can be a guide, oracle and friend.

I also started to look at cannabis differently, and to delve into the history and medicinal applications. A world opened up to me. And I gave the plant another chance in my own life. I had chronic tension headaches at the time and tried everything, but only a specific cannabis strain helped. It became my medicine, I used it as a sacrament.

I discovered that cannabis helped with the tension headache, and that it made me creative, funny, relaxed and contemplative. As if I got a sense with it.

I was a creative director at a publisher / agency which brought with it some pressure. But time and time again I was able to break through creative blocks, by retreating at home and inserting small cannabis moments.

In my research I discovered that there is a very special and strong connection between our biology, especially that of women, and hemp. But how many women are aware of that, in a country where you can just freely experiment with cannabis? After I wrote an article about CBD (non-psychoactive hemp) on my blog, things started to go wild.

I was asked from all sides if I could get good CBD. Hordes of people, especially women, had questions about the uses of CBD. And around me I saw one friend, colleague and family member after another struggling with stress, anxiety attacks, sleeping problems and burnouts. And because I had been blogging and talking about medicinal plants, ancient plant rituals and related topics for years, I already had a network and I knew reliable makers in the world of soberfriendly cannabis, CBD. I'm not allowed to refer to my blog here by the way, but if you follow me on Instagram you will get there.

Because I got a lot of questions from people who were interested in CBD via Instagram and in real life, I registered for a Cannalogie course. I am currently following this home study. I learn everything about the plant family cannabis sativa. About THC, CBD and fiber hemp. Every time I am amazed at the unparalleled list of uses of the plant, and every time I study my drive grows to share this knowledge and contribute to the destigmatization of the plant.

Cannabis is the only plant that can nourish, heal, clothes and provide us with a home.

And it's time for people to find out. When I read how many people in the Netherlands have died as a result of opiate use (heavy painkillers), while no one has ever died due to THC or CBD, I feel an activist in me awakening.

Meanwhile, THC is still illegal in the Netherlands and people are evicted from home and severely fined for making oil themselves, even if the oil is intended to help sick people heal. In certain states in the US, women can purchase THC wellness products that improve their daily lives in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. But these products cannot be sold here.

And I think it is bizarre that fiber hemp should still not be grown freely. You can make anything from hemp, from clothing to concrete, and it is much more environmentally friendly than, for example, cotton.

Although I focus on what CBD and cannabis can do for people, I think it is important to be aware of the criminal side of cannabis. A while ago, before I studied magazine journalism and started working as a copywriter / journalist, I completed a bachelor's and master's degree in Dutch criminal law, and then I graduated on the criminal implications of tropical forest clearing. At that time I did not know at all that fiber hemp can save the rainforests (one hectare of fiber hemp absorbs 25x more CO2 than one hectare of forest!). And of all places I was born in a miniscule country with the most famous cannabis history and culture. Coincidence? I don't believe in it.

I believe in the power of hemp - all sorts - and I hope that Heal Mary can help people and regain their natural balance. Until everyone is over, this will remain my mission.

Go for it.

Are you out? Go for it. 

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